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Why I Incorporate Point of View Cards in My Coaching Practice

In 2023 I went through a profound internal transformation, that has helped me solidify my career goals for the upcoming years. Having worked with students and parents in the education space over the last two decades, I have witnessed women grapple with trying to be the perfect mother, wife, and daughter, often losing sight of their own identity. Alongside my own experiences and challenges, I developed the conviction that women, especially mothers, deserve a space for self-discovery and empowerment, and through my coaching practice, I hope to support them in this journey. 

Among the pivotal tools that shaped my own transformative journey the Point of View Cards, specifically the Coaching Game stood out. As such, I have integrated this into my coaching practice. These cards act as catalysts for personal development and deep insights. In this blog post, I dive into the essence of these powerful tools, shedding light on their impact on shifting perspectives and fostering meaningful connections.

Understanding Point of View Cards

The Point of View methodology, particularly the Coaching Game, functions as a powerful tool for navigating the landscape of personal development. By blending impactful images with thoughtfully chosen words and questions, these cards not only engage left-brain specificity but also stimulate right-brain intuition. This dynamic interaction sparks creativity and weaves together a rich tapestry of associations, feelings, and insights. In essence, these cards serve as catalysts for a transformative journey of exploration, unlocking insights along the way.

Why I Choose This Tool

The allure of Point of View Cards lies in their non-threatening nature, making them particularly attractive to individuals new to coaching. Through the medium of captivating photographs, these cards establish a shared and inviting space. They act as an antidote to the potentially overwhelming concept of coaching, providing a science-backed, non-intimidating technique that sparks intuition, fosters authentic dialogue, and provokes thoughtful reflection.

Success Stories

The real enchantment unfolds in the success stories emerging from the use of Point of View Cards. Participants, especially mothers have exited my coaching sessions with a grounded and empowered sense, ready to embark on a journey of self-care and profound self-reflection. Moments of realisation dawn on women who, initially uncertain, discover the transformative power of introspection, recognising the importance of self-care in sculpting a life they desire and take pride in. In my facilitation sessions, crafted around these transformative cards, I have witnessed how instrumental these cards can be in shifting mindsets, activating positive neuroplasticity, and challenging ingrained thinking patterns.

In essence, Points of You cards cease to be mere tools; they metamorphose into gateways for self-discovery, empowerment, and the creation of a life aligned with one's deepest desires.

Want to join the many women and mothers who have experienced this journey? Book a 15-min Discovery call. or come meet us at one of our events this month:

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Chloe Bibby
Chloe Bibby
20. tammik.

Vannessa introduced us to the Point of View cards in the most recent Mums Meet Up & I found the photographs on the cards to be particularly thought-provoking & insightful. I was rather moved at how the use of imagery encouraged me to reflect on parts of my own story in ways I hadn't considered before. I'm looking forward to attending future events that incorporate this powerful tool.

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