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Can Women Have It All? Series

Updated: Mar 15

Spotlight #4: Tracy Ho

With International Women’s Day celebrations in full swing this week, we are back for the fourth instalment of our series pondering the age-old question, "Can Women Have It All?". So get ready to meet another extraordinary mum! 

In this series, I’ve had the privilege to chat with a diverse group of women who are masters at juggling careers, family life, and personal dreams. From entrepreneurs, accountants, lawyers, branding consultants, business owners, mothers, wives and more, these ladies are more than just titles - they're super cool individuals with stories to inspire us all. So tune in for our latest conversation now! 

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The next person on our list is a renowned personal branding consultant, thought leader, and all-around bad-ass woman, Tracy Ho. I first met Tracy through business networking almost 4 years ago, and it’s been a privilege to see her journey. More recently, she has also joined our Mum’s Meet Ups too.  Here is a bit more about her. 

Tracy Ho, an award-winning personal branding consultant, empowers professionals to thrive in the global workplace through Frame & Fame Personal Branding. Leveraging her international experiences across Hong Kong SAR, Singapore, the UK, Belgium, and the UAE, she empowers professionals to navigate the complexities of the international workplace. With 18 years of diverse communications experience, Tracy is renowned for expertise in public relations, media training, and executive communication, solidifying her status as a seasoned thought leader. With her extensive experience in communication and leadership development, she guides individuals to achieve authenticity and influence. She is also the mother of two. 

How do you navigate the balance between your career, family, and personal aspirations?

Initially, I believed I could seamlessly integrate my work and family life. However, the birth of my first child prompted a profound shift in priorities. Now a mother of two, I've come to realize that certain sacrifices, especially in work opportunities, are necessary to cherish the fleeting moments of my children's growth. My perspective shifted from a career-centric focus to valuing a purpose-driven business that aligns with my newfound family priorities. While this shift necessitated sacrifices in certain work opportunities, redirecting my efforts towards a purpose-driven business has brought a new sense of fulfilment.


Moreover, I've established a personal tradition to nurture my individual aspirations. Annually, I embark on a solo travel adventure, a self-imposed ritual that not only rejuvenates me but also provides new perspectives. On my birthday, I indulge in a personal gift—a kind of "year-end bonus" celebration. These gifts, ranging from personal training programs to hormonal reset and nutrition consultations, contribute to my well-being and broaden my horizons. Investing in internationally recognized certificate programs and participating in business owners' boot camps or retreats complements my coaching and training offerings, effectively renewing my energy and clarity.

Can you share specific strategies or routines that have helped you maintain this balance?

Implementing practical strategies and routines has been crucial in maintaining balance across different areas of my life. One key strategy is adopting a proactive 'two-week ahead' routine. This involves planning my work, family, and personal commitments meticulously for the upcoming fortnight, allowing me to anticipate challenges and manage my time efficiently.

Previously, I tended to take on more than I could handle, leading to burnout and neglecting self-care. However, I've since undergone a mindset shift. Now, I prioritize self-care by asking myself essential questions like "What's most important?" and "Do I have time for myself?" before committing to additional tasks. This introspection, integral to my coaching and training background, empowers me to set boundaries and prioritize effectively.

Seeking external guidance is also vital for maintaining balance. Despite my expertise in coaching and training, I recognize the value of hiring a coach. Their insights serve as a valuable sounding board, highlighting blind spots and providing clarity. This external perspective empowers me to confidently decline commitments or distractions, ensuring I stay focused on what truly matters.

What challenges have you encountered in trying to "have it all," and how have you overcome them?

Overcoming the challenges of "having it all" has been transformative. Initially driven by boundless ambition, I faced a shift in perspective when realizing the practical limitations of trying to do everything, all at once. This led to recalibrating my aspirations, focusing on what truly matters. I've learned it's okay not to have it all at once. Prioritizing and concentrating efforts where they matter most became my guiding principles. This mindset shift has empowered me to let go of less-important and less-relevant commitments and individuals, recognizing that less can indeed be more.


In essence, this philosophy has allowed me to navigate challenges with a clearer sense of purpose and focus. By accepting the limitations of time and energy, I've found a more sustainable and fulfilling path, ensuring that my efforts are directed towards endeavors that align with my core values and contribute meaningfully to my family and professional life. 

In your journey, how important have support systems, such as family, friends, or workplace support, been in achieving a sense of balance?

Support systems, including family, friends, and workplace understanding, have been integral to achieving balance. The decision to hire external help for housework and delegate logistical responsibilities to the family highlights the importance of these support networks. Networking events and discussions with women entrepreneurs have not only provided professional insights but also emotional support. These interactions serve as a reminder that the challenges of balancing work and family are universal, fostering a sense of community. The understanding and support from these networks reinforce the notion that the journey is shared, offering strength and encouragement in the face of common challenges.

How have Mothers' events like Mum’s Meet Ups helped you out? 

Motherhood events and meet-ups play an essential role in my journey. Connecting with like-minded mothers facing similar challenges creates a supportive community. These events provide a platform for sharing experiences, exchanging practical advice, and fostering a sense of solidarity. The collective wisdom and shared struggles reassure me that achieving a work-family balance is an ongoing journey. The support from fellow mothers serves as a vital source of strength and encouragement, highlighting the universal nature of the challenges faced and reinforcing the idea that the journey is shared.

If you’re also looking for a supportive community of like-minded women who will help you in your personal and professional life.  Check out our upcoming events and meet people like Tracy, Janani, Jaerey and more! 

Do you feel like you need more? I offer one-on-one coaching to help you discover your inner wisdom and have it all! 

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