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Stories we need right now!

In the next few weeks, we'll have stories from people spanning the globe about the lessons they have learnt, courage they have seen, support they have felt and the positivism that we so very much need in 2020.

A story from Singapore:

I joined the financial services industry in 2003 - the year of SARS - and in the middle of Covid - 19, I launched my first book, "Hey! Wake up already!. While you can imagine the grit I have built over the years, I must say that it is thanks to the adaptability that I had learnt through the years.

Embracing the positive side of things

I am totally embracing the positive side of things and loving the lessons that this challenging time is teaching me; from the ability to work remotely, (and more effectively than ever thanks to technology) to the ways I can use my time at home whilst Singapore is in its circuit breaker stage. I cannot complain about the stay home policy. It has truly brought forth a wave of creativity on my part and has also been a time for reflection.

Revisiting the checklists in my book has given me an opportunity to take a step back and review my own life once again. I have been thinking about how I respond to the people around me. Do I apologise too much? Do I assume too much? Do I listen enough? Like the message in my book, I want to live my life with no regrets. So, the goal for me by the time we walk out from this circuit breaker season is to know that I am going to deal with somethings differently.

Taking time to show a little love

The world is different now. Schools have closed, livelihoods affected and communities are facing disruptions. Beneath all that is the time to let this Earth rest and a time for us to look within. Over the past few weeks, we had taken the time to thank our front liners with claps islandwide, posted messages on social media about their brave work and watched clips about their lives. But are we also taking the time to show a little love to those around us?

Sending a simple "How are you?" text message and asking after someone can be just the thing we need at this time. Sometimes, we may ever have the perfect thing to say to someone experiencing grief, loss or hardship, but I guess, just knowing that we are there for each other really matters!  Wishing you a rich life - in every way Eile Goh 吴蕙名                          

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