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Lifelong Learning: All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

What’s trending right now are the buzzwords reskilling, upskilling and leveling up. When it comes to how people have been dealing with Covid19, many of us have decided to use the Great Covid Pause as an opportunity to get back into Learning.

For me personally as I source through these hundreds of digital online courses, I’m looking to see what would help me in my intuitive coaching business? What new skills and services can I bring to clients? How can I apply new insights and ideas to assist them? It’s quite exciting really to allow your curiosity to take you on a great new adventure. Because when you learn something new, you are transformed and you are not the same as when you started.

It's quite exiting really to allow your curiosity to take you on a great new adventure.

Lifelong learning is one of the best practises that anyone can have. Here are a couple of reasons why you should make it a habit.

Reason 1: Your Brain Is At Its Best

The super computer that is your brain is most happy and utilized when you learn. Learning is like candy for your brain. Your brain is an architect of your life and is created to learn, remember, reason, analyse, plan and invent. When it’s in learning mode, it will be busy prompting new synaptic connections and circuits, creating new pathways, or making existing neural pathways stronger. Your brain is thriving and living its best life.

Reason 2: It’s The Secret To Longevity

It’s not just information you are gaining when you learn. Lifelong learners experience a greater sense of satisfaction and meaning in their lives. We reap the neurological and physical rewards when we believe we are leading meaningful and purposeful lives of service. Learning gives us an emotional boost and allows us to feel good about ourselves.

Reason 3: Your Body Is Healthy

Those who stay curious seem to manage ageing better and are healthier. Because learning creates elevated states of emotions, when you are in those states, it will help boost your body's immune system. When your brain is optimal and you’re feeling good, you will naturally make better lifestyle and health choices. The connection of the body and mind is so essential for wellbeing.

Learning is like candy to the brain.

So if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. So take care of your brain and learn.

Michele, Intuitive Coach

Wise Inner Council

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