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Extraordinary times call for extraordinary support

In these challenging times, educational providers and platforms have rallied together to provide parents, children and schools an amazing array of free services and resources.

At CascadeTTL, I wanted to give something back to the hardworking community of 5-13 year-olds, who are now in their 9th week of home learning. Yes, you heard that right, 9 weeks.

300 Words Creative Writing Competition

An opportunity to put their imagination on paper (or rather e-paper) and their literacy skills, too. Children of all ages and abilities are invited to write about absolutely anything – dinosaurs, space travel, fantastical creatures – their imagination is the limit!

Stories are judged anonymously and there are some great prizes to be won in 2 age categories, 5-9 and 10-13.

Deadline 31 March. There's still time for creative minds to participate. Register here.

We've provided some images and sample stories as sources of inspiration.

Thank you to SassymamaHK for featuring 300 Words in their calendar of events. Their support has been invaluable.

IELTS Extraordinary Offer

As an educator, trainer and examiner, I know how hard it has been for language-learners taking the IELTS (International English Language Testing System). These test-takers have set professional and academic goals for themselves and trying to prepare for it now has been trying. Face-to-face conversation is vital for language learners. To help support their learning and preparation, CascadeTTL is offering some free online sessions limited to the first three emailers.

A big thank you to the exam takers who have supported our affords and responded to the video. We hope the sessions have helped you.

As a mother supporting my daughter with her home learning, we've had many offers and opportunities to do more than school work. There has been a proliferation of amazing deals. Though I'm providing a short list, there is no affiliation to any of these sites.

For book worms and story lovers

David Walliams (Enjoy a free story every day at eleven)

Audible Stories (Tonnes of audio books; good time to extend any child's love of stories)

Pinna (Free 60-day trial)

Learning Resources

Twinkl (I love the range of resources here)

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. To get there, we need to get our child active, engaged and positive. Also, as parents, we need to take some time off for ourselves to unwind or we won't be the best of guides.

Take care and stay healthy.

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