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About the Course

Boost your child’s thinking skills!

Unlock the door to innovative thinking with our LEGO® Six Bricks course! Designed to engage young minds, this course encourages children to explore complex ideas and solve problems creatively. As they play, they aren't just building with bricks—they're building their futures.

Our seasoned instructors lead the way, helping each Critical Thinker to navigate challenges both independently and collaboratively. The colourful world of LEGO bricks becomes a playground for developing sharp analytical skills, where every creation is a step towards mastering brainstorming and problem-solving.

Secure your child's seat today and join one of Hong Kong's Best Kids' Language Programmes as voted in ExpatLiving Hong Kong two years' running.

Early Bunny Offer of $1599 ends 29th February 2024. Original fee is $ 1650.

📆 Apr 2, 3, 5


🧒🏻Age Group: 6-7 years old

📆 Apr 2, 3, 5


🧒🏻Age Group: 8-9 years old

⚠️ Seats are limited so register today.

Your Instructor

LEGO Facilitator Susana Munōz

The CRITICAL Thinker




Apr 2, 3, 5

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