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About the Course

Elevate your child's writing to new heights and watch them transform into articulate storytellers and confident communicators!

Through this writing programme, you're not just giving your child a set of skills—you're giving them a voice that resonates with clarity and creativity. The CREATIVE Writer uses language to express their thoughts and opinions and be descriptive.

Secure your child's seat today and join one of Hong Kong's Best Kids' Language Programmes as voted in ExpatLiving Hong Kong two years' running.

Early Bunny Offer for Apr 2,3, 5 is $1599 ends 29th February 2024. Original fee is $ 1650.

📆 Apr 2, 3, 5


🧒🏻Age Group: 6-7 years old

Early Bunny Offer for Apr 8th-12th class is $2,699 ends 29th Feb 2024. Original fee is $2,750

📆 Apr 8-12


🧒🏻Age Group: 6-7 and 8-9 years old

⚠️ Seats are limited so register today.

Your Instructor





Apr 2, 3, 5 or Apr 8-12

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