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Stories we need right now! #2

In the next few weeks, we'll have stories from people spanning the globe about the lessons they have learnt, courage they have seen, support they have felt and the positivism that we so very much need in 2020.

A story from Melbourne, Australia:

So as I sit here on my couch watching actual free tv in Melbourne Australia (Yes I'm one of the few remaining without Netflix, Stan, Foxtel or any paid tv services!), I find myself oddly calm.

Hope is a beautiful thing

Let me first say, there's no doubt these are tough times with some doing it tougher than others. And I pray for God's blessings for all. But amidst the worry and barrage of news and social media regarding Covid-19 we have hope and that's a beautiful thing. Even more wondrous though, is the ability to laugh. I hope through these dark times, people learn new ways to do so.


As for me, I've learnt something new that I've now coined "Covidisms" - words, acronyms or phrases that have been given new life from Covid-19.

This is my special take on them...

1. Social Distancing: A new excuse to keep at two arms' length that friend or family member you never liked ... or your fridge.

2. SHN (Stay Home Notice)/WFH (Work from Home): Finally. Every worker's dream come true of how to stay home and still get paid.

3. Home Schooling: Every parent's nightmare.

4. House Party: Oh you mean it's not actually a house party??

5. Zoom: Why Zoom and not Vroom Vroom?

6. Shaking Leg/s (as opposed to hands): Betchya the Queen wishes this was around when she started her reign.

7. N95 mask: Fulfilling each X-Gen's secret wish of being Darth Vader.

8. Toilet Paper: Gold.

9. Microsoft Teams: Platinum.

10. Pets: Those things at home that actually love your company and yes, you now love theirs.

11. Sanitise: Now OCD is the new norm. Bravo!!

12. Lockdown: No it's not prison and No you can't make a break for it.

And last but not least...

13. Essentials: Anything that will get you out of the house.

So... hopefully this brought a smile to someone out there.

Laughter is the best medicine

Just remember... Laughter is always good - if not the best - medicine.

Stay safe and well all. And thank you to all the volunteers, health workers, caregivers and souls out there who value human life more than their own.

YOU make me smile.

J. Leong

Looking at the bright side of life

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