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No school; Homeschool #2

That fateful day is almost upon us. For most of us, our children would have had to return to school on Monday 3rd February. The fun of the holidays is almost over and they would need to be getting down to some serious work at home.

I have found that the best way to negotiate this is by creating ground rules and a schedule. Why not sit down together this weekend and work on an agreed set of ground rules?

1)You'll see how good your children are at negotiating, if you haven't already.

2) You'll be showing them that their views matter and

3) They'll learn how to compromise in a, hopefully, more considered manner.

In the Ground Rules activity sheet below, I've included a 'reward' column. Don't we all love a little something for the hard work we've put in at the end of the day? Of course, that varies from household to household. For us, it could range from a 20-minute tv programme, a bit of chocolate, to a game with mum.

And remember, children can only manage so many rules. I've included only 6 slots for the rules so agree on the most important ones to ensure a productive and well-organised day.

Once rules have been established, having a daily schedule would be really helpful. My day runs on 'to do lists', 'reminders' and 'a teaching/training schedule' without which there would be chaos. I've created a simple template, Plan for Today, which my daughter has started using this week. It helps me keep her on track while I work from home, too.

I hope these help you in organising the days ahead. Please remember to email me for the pack as I'm unable to upload the pdfs on this version of Wix. And I'd love to hear from you so please leave a comment.

P.S. if you love templates, lists, calendars, etc, please visit Cristina's webpage, SaturdayGift.

She has an amazing selection.

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