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My Journey: Why I Started Coaching Women & Mothers

Coaching women & mothers
Discover Your Inner Wisdom

Embarking on the journey of coaching women and mothers was more than a career choice for me; it was a calling rooted in my own experiences, challenges, and the profound belief that women, especially mothers, deserve a space for self-discovery and empowerment.

My primary goal is to guide women on their journey of self-empowerment, helping them become the best versions of themselves. My focus revolves around assisting women in overcoming self-doubt, navigating the intricate nuances of womanhood and motherhood, and emerging as resilient, capable, and self-aware individuals.

The coaching programme took shape as a fusion of my personal and professional experiences, driven by a clear understanding of the structured support women require. Specifically, my experiences as a woman and mother have significantly influenced the development of my coaching programme. Growing up in a family marked by separation, I intimately grasped the emotional impact it had on my life. It was only in my late 30s, upon reconnecting with my father, that I learned to leave the past behind and move forward in my life.

Reflecting on my experiences, I wish I had grasped earlier what I understand now: that we are products of conditioning at the subconscious level. It's not anyone's fault, as our parents and relatives acted based on what was familiar to them. The responsibility falls on us as adults to break painful cycles, unlock layers of self-awareness, and transform our lives. As Dr. Shefali aptly says, "True empowerment is to take all power back, including blame."

When I became a parent myself, I delved obsessively into parenting books, seeking to hone my parenting approach. However, I soon realised that knowing is one thing, doing is another. Even with a teenage daughter now, I continue to learn. The constant struggle with guilt, self-doubt, and the pursuit of perfection has been a significant part of my life. Through personal reflections, I've gained awareness, and understanding of my roles while also focusing on myself. I aim to constantly evolve and grow into a better parent, woman, and, most importantly, an individual.

Furthermore, during my extensive two-decade career in education, I witnessed echoes of my struggles as a daughter and mother among my clients and parents. I've come across numerous parents, particularly mothers, who grapple with uncertainty, feeling the weight of being ideal caregivers and often losing sight of their own identity in the process. This realisation struck me deeply — as parents, we frequently overlook our well-being while tirelessly striving to provide the best for our children.

More recently, in the course of organising regular Mums Meet Ups—a dedicated space for mothers to connect and explore—I've had my concerns validated. Women, engrossed in their roles as mothers, wives, or daughters, sometimes forget to acknowledge and celebrate themselves as unique individuals. 

During our December Meet Up, I soft-launched my programme and was instantly rewarded. Witnessing participants leave the session feeling grounded, empowered, and ready to embark on the profound journey of self-care and self-reflection was incredibly fulfilling. It's a privilege to guide women who initially entered with uncertainty to recognise the transformative power within themselves.

These experiences and insights have strengthened my dedication to supporting women, particularly mothers, on their voyage of self-discovery. I aim to assist them as they reconnect with their true selves and unveil the wisdom residing within. This commitment, combined with my training in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and the Neuroscience of Coaching, lays the groundwork for my coaching methodologies, guiding women through their paths of self-discovery.

Points of View card games and neurocoaching are integral components of my methodology. The photo-therapeutic cards facilitate a gentle exploration of emotions and personal struggles. These cards act as catalysts, triggering intuition, engaging the mind, and sparking authentic dialogues. Moreover, aligning my techniques with neuroscience principles empowers clients to shift their thinking, break unhelpful habits, and embrace positive neuroplasticity. Consequently, my facilitation sessions are crafted based on proven transformative approaches for women and mothers. They include probing questions designed to alter mindsets, activate positive neuroplasticity, and challenge perspectives, helping women find and grow themselves. 

Ultimately, coaching mothers is not just a profession for me; it's a dedication to providing a space where women can consciously explore, grow, and rediscover their strength on their unique journey of motherhood and self-discovery.

If you'd like to find out how I can support your transformational journey, book a complimentary call.

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