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The Poem

We are thrilled to be sharing with you the winning poems for the Poetry Party 2020 Competition 2020. Winners were selected anonymously by a panel of judges in two age categories, 5-9 and 10-13. Read their Poems.

A Prayer for the Earth
by Aarza Sachdeva (13 years old)
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babbling with joy, from the minute we are born,

the soil paves a perfect path for us

to first stumble and then walk on


from the day we start talking

the wind carries our voices

so that our opinions can be heard

and our borders can be merged


throughout our life, we savor nature’s precious gifts

magnificent sunrises, four seasons, and even the gentle drift

this earth that we live on is the womb of our existence, cause of our prosperity

but how do we repay this? with barbarity?


chopping down trees and polluting the seas

animals choking on plastic while we laugh in glee

the gunshots finding their aim, as birds die in pain

our vicious poison giving the sea and sky an irreversible stain


overwhelmed with how he can live better than rest

man tramples over others’ desires and zest

forgetting about mother nature, the one who caressed

and under whose umbrella mankind has been blessed


why do we do this? maybe once if we give up all things mundane

lookup to see our mistakes and realize that we were insane

we will abandon things we don’t heed

and create humans which is what mother nature desperately needs

Earth and Me
by Kate Wilson (11 years old)

It doesn't matter if I'm under a tree

Or  watching a bee

making honey.

Other kids would rather watch T.V.

But I will tell you,


There's no place I would rather be,

than with my besty -

Nature and me.

Earth and Me (Haiku)
by Joshua Lam (8 years old)
The Earth and Me
by Geoffrey Chan  (9 years old)

The Earth is made up of a lot of things

including me.

And. you will never get bored by

going to the beach, making big sandcastles,

splashing water, cycling fast like

the wind, brushing my face.

I love the Earth

and the Earth loves me.

I protect the Earth  by not polluting the air.

I love the Earth

and the Earth loves me.

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