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I believe in the transformative power of coaching and education, where every step taken sets off a cascade of positive change. At Cascade, I create a seamless journey of personal growth and confidence.

Through tailored coaching sessions and dynamic language and skills classes, it is my mission to empower women, mothers, children, and parents to thrive in their individual roles. This initiates a journey of transformation that ripples through their lives and beyond.

With a focus on nurturing growth and fostering holistic development, Cascade is where the ripple effect of change begins.

Vannessa Misso-Veness

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When I walked into my first mums Meet Up, it felt like I was getting a big hug. everyone there was so warm and understanding. We all knew the struggles of being a mom, and it was like a breath of fresh air to be in a place where I could share without any judgement. The women in the community are all amazing. We let our guards down, shared our fears, frustrations, and victories, and nobody judged. Mums Meet Up is definitely a special place for moms like me.

Anne. S

"Mums Meet Up"

It is truly a joy to be part of Mums Meet Up where we not only share valuable wisdom and strategies to empower our little ones but also find comfort and discover new friendships. Together, we're creating a supportive community that nurtures both our children's growth and our own happiness. So let's keep these awesome conversations going and continue making beautiful memories along the way.

Devyani. R

"Mums Meet Up"

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  • Midlife Reawakening
    Midlife Reawakening
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  • Cascade Talks: Mums Meet Up #13
    Cascade Talks: Mums Meet Up #13
    Discover Your Authentic Voice with Krystal Diaz
  • Women's Circle
    Women's Circle
    Thu, 06 Jun
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