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Discover Your Inner Wisdom

Explore how you can begin your journey to a life where every decision is rooted in your truest self and every moment is an opportunity for growth.

Are you torn between multiple roles and responsibilities, struggling to find a sense of balance and fulfilment? 

Are you seeking clarity and direction in life, unsure of how to move forward?

 Are you grappling with self-doubt, feeling the need to break free from limiting beliefs and societal norms?

Familiar with these struggles?

Explore the power of transformative coaching

Guiding you on the path to authentic growth through a visual and metaphorical journey 

Feel empowered to make profound shifts in your life 

Put into practice mindful and intentional living 

Gain clarity on what truly matters to you 

Free yourself from your old self-doubting narratives


Embrace choice, change and confidence

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Join us on a 4-session deep dive into your inner wisdom. 

Session 1

Zooming into my life 

To meet yourself and to discover what has filled you.                                               

Learn to listen to your intuition.

Session 2

The Potential Me

An opportunity to see how you’ve changed over the years.                                            

A reminder that we always have potential no matter where in life we are. 


$1,200 per sessio

Each session runs for 120-150mins

Next Sessions

To Be Confirmed

Contact us for customised sessions for your community, group or team.

Session 3

Making a Shift

Dissatisfaction is actually a great starting point to seek change.                          

Check in and discover where your longings are. 

Session 4


Take time to reflect on your personal growth journey. Look at what has come to an end and what is alive. 

21st Feb 2024 half-day

Sessions 1 & 2  $2,400

Now Only @ $2,040

includes lunch & tea breaks

21st Feb 2024 half-day

Sessions 1 & 2  $2,400

Next Sessions

To Be Confirmed

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