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Tap into your inner wisdom


Through the power of visualisation and metaphor, I create immersive coaching experiences that tap into your inner wisdom and ignite your imagination.


Whether it's an intimate workshop or a rousing keynote, my aim is to inspire a shift in perspective. I want you to see the world, and your role within it, through a fresh lens. Because when you can truly connect with your core values and purpose, that's when the real ripple effect begins.

Imagine the positive impact you can have, not just on your own family, but on your community and beyond, when you're operating from a place of clarity and confidence. That's the transformative power I witness time and time again - the incredible ways in which your personal growth radiates outward, creating a lasting legacy of change.

Through 1:1 coaching, small group personal development workshops and community support networks, I will help you tap into your inner wisdom, find the strength and confidence you need to become a more radiant version of yourself! 

I guide you to...

Define your authentic vision: Gain crystal-clear clarity on what truly matters to you, allowing you to create a vision that aligns with your values, passions, and purpose.

Break free from the rut: Liberate yourself from the confines of the rut you find yourself in and embrace a life of unlimited possibilities, where you can live the life of your dreams with passion and purpose.

Cultivate conscious intention: Develop a mindful and intentional approach to life, enabling you to make choices that align with your aspirations and lead to a profound sense of fulfilment.

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Get clarity, overcome obstacles and create the life you want.



Supporting families through the complexities of parenting.



Work together to attain personal transformative goals!



Grow together in a supported and safe environment.

"Being stuck is an invitation for growth. Embrace the challenge, seek new perspectives, and ignite the spark of change. It's in the journey of improvement that we discover our true potential."

Vannessa Misso-Veness


I joined the "Women's Mixer: I, Me and Myself" event facilitated by Vannessa and had the most wonderful an enriching time understanding more about myself in networking environments and getting to know other women in the community. Vannessa planned a very thoughtful and intimate session ensuring we felt included and heard every step of the way. I first apprached the event as my "work self", but soon realised it's more important to embrace who I am entirely. Thank you Vannessa and All About You Centre for hosting this event.

Jade Yung

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