The Stories

We are thrilled to be sharing with you the winning stories for the 300 Words Creative Writing Competition 2020. Winners were selected anonymously by a panel of judges in two age categories, 5-9 and 10-13. Read their stories.

I am an ice cube

by John Irvine (8 years)

Before I became an ice cube I was a drop of water. I started in the rain clouds when one day, my friends and I decided to fall to Earth. We landed in High Island Dam Reservoir. We were happy swimming together. Then our pool began to move. My friends and I got split up, and I felt myself spinning around like a tornado!

Suddenly, I got sucked down into a dark pipe. I smelled something weird. Another droplet told me I was now in the water treatment plant, full of strange smells, noises and lights. A few hours later, a human said I was ready to be drunk.

Once again, I felt myself getting sucked into a dark pipe but this time, I was rushing along not knowing where I was going.  I felt myself getting dragged into a box like the force of Yoda. I learned from a map on the side of the box I was in Mang Kung Uk. Every drop was excited and waiting their turn for the slide.  The gate opened and it was my turn. Weeeeeeeeeeeee! It was so much fun. Splash!

I fell into a white tub with another drop and we instantly became best friends. We played tag in our tub then we felt a chill and saw a human who put us in the freezer. The freezer stuck us together like a magnet on metal. Next, the human broke us out and we were ice cubes! Our journey was complete!

Chapter One: Best Friends

Catty and Doggy were best friends. They spent a lot of time playing with each other. They loved chasing balls, singing songs and playing hide-and-seek. One day, they ran a competition to see which once could make a louder sound. Catty took a deep breath and meowed. Doggy made a thundering woof. Catty was not happy as Doggy's woof was louder than her meow. She did not want to play with him and left him.

Chapter Two: More, More and More Cats

Catty thought that dogs were too noisy and she would like to have more cat friends. She made a wish that she had magic power to turn things into cats. Catty used her paw to touch a flower, it turned into a kitten! She used her tail to touch a tree, it turned into a cat! The wish came true. Catty was happy.

Chapter Three:  More, More and More Dogs

Doggy was wondering what was going on. He could not find Catty and felt alone. 

"I wish I had some dogs to play with," Doggy thought to himself.

He saw a ball in the street. He growled at the ball and it turned into a puppy! Doggy then licked the mailbox and it turned into a dog! Doggy got happier as he got dog friends.

Chapter Four: Cats and Dogs

Doggy with his dogs were coming from one end of the street, and Catty and her cats were coming from the other end of the street. They met in the middle of the street.


Doggy said, "Hi, Catty,"


Catty said, "Hi, Doggy."


"Do you want to play?" they said at the same time.

All the cats and dogs shouted, "Yes, let's play!" And so they played together happily.

Cats and Dogs

by Daisy Lo (6 years)

As villains rose from the Milky Way, the Intergalactic Space Hero Force sent Super Eye and Freezer to Earth to defeat a pair of Portal Openers, who unleashed the Portal of Doom! But soon, a volcano erupted in Catania, Italy...

Episode 1: The Portal Openers

Boom! As large, burning boulders bashed into the city, the villains laughed at the terrified faces of the civilians. The Portal of Doom caused a chain of volcanic eruptions, including the most dangerous Mount Vesuvius. Luckily, Super Eye and Freezer arrived and stopped it on time.

Episode 2: The Giant Battle

Furiously, the Portal Openers directed the Portal of Doom to suck up Super Eye and Freezer. Although the Heroes could escape to Space, the villains and Portal of Doom were right on their tails.

By the edge of the Milky Way, Super Eye and Freezer fought against Portal Openers' Dark Magic with Freezing Bombs and Gamma-ray Lasers. The Portal Openers teleported to Orgini where purple-skinned aliens, Orgs, lived. Just in a blink of an eye, the Orgs used their goo-blasters to shoot at the Portal of Doom. The Portal Openers shouted, "The Portal of Doom shall wreck this good old planet!".


Soon, buildings and structures were exploding even under the Orgs' tight defence. Super Eye and Freezer then fused their powers and blasted it right into the Portal!

Bang! The Portal blew up! The Org Fleet immediately captured the Portal Openers and put them in a reinforced laser cell.

Episode 3: After the Battle

The Org city, Omegarion, was badly damaged. The two Heroes stayed to protect Omegarion whilst the Orgs rebuilt the city. But on Org named Galadius Aliortus was not satisfied...

[Read my next story to find out what will happen!]

Intergalactic Space Hero Force Series 1: The Portal of Doom

by Ian Lau (9 years)

The Egyptian Mystery

by Aahana Mukhi (10 years)

The blazing sun lit up suspicious lines on the pyramid. Jack and I thrust our feet at the cracks, leaving a perfect size opening. We crouch down and crawl through the opening in awe, ending up in a small room, with not an item in sight.


I held my right foot up in pain and flung my loose shoe across the room. My foot was as red as a freshly grown tomato. Suddenly, I heard a loud rumbling noise. 


"My shoe must have activated something!" I exclaimed as we watched the wall slowly tear apart leaving gap in the middle.

In front of our eyes was a dazzling display of stone statues. The room's edges were encrusted with gleaming rubies and emeralds! In the corner of the room stood a large golden box, which we simultaneously ran towards.

After lots of effort, we finally opened the box revealing a mummy and an iPad! 

"What in the world? How did this get here? There must be an explanation," we thought to ourselves!

Within a few days, we gathered all members of AEMS (Ancient Egyptian Mystery Society) for a meeting to discuss our findings.

Billie Gloon, Head of AEMS, called for silence and asked Jack and myself to tell everyone about our findings. As soon as we finished our story an old man perked up and claimed it was his phone!

The old man said, "Long ago, I was also exploring the Al-Hamul areas when I entered a pyramid I had never seen before and found a similar box. I must have dropped my phone there. I ran to call the experts and closed the entrance behind me. When I returned, the door and my phone. were nowhere to be found, and now I  realize there are two entrances."

The Sweet Tooth Killer

by Valentina Churchhouse & Lucinda Dudgeon (10 years)

You know how whenever you offer adults a biscuit or a piece of your chocolate bar (even though you don't really want to give it up, but you're just trying. to be polite), they shy away from it like it's some type of poison?  You do? Of course you do. Everyone does. Ever wondered why? Well,  Well, we're going to explain it to you. It's because they've lost their 'sweet tooth'. You may be thinking, "Oh, that's just a figure of speech," but no. It's not.

Everybody has a sweet tooth when they're born, somewhere in their gums, waiting to become part of their smile. But when it finally becomes a tooth, it can't be satisfied because parents are overprotective, keeping their little darlings away from the evil substance.


"No! You can't eat sugar because it's too unhealthy and bad for your teeth!"

By the time you get older, you would have gotten hold of candy or some for of it at, say, Halloween or your birthday, or Easter. But parents act like the world is coming to an end! For example: "No, not sugar! It's the apocalypse, our little darling has tasted sugar, now all her perfect teeth will rot, and she'll become addicted to the vile stuff!"

When you're older you start losing teeth. Some poor, unfortunate souls lose their sweet tooth on their first go, you know, those kids who don't eat sweets? The sweet tooth can be located anywhere in your mouth, so you could get lucky and have it be a molar. If you lose your sweet tooth you will know immediately, as you will no longer love sugar as you used to. Then later, you become an adult, your sweet tooth long gone, and sugar a thing of the past. 

I Need More Coffee

by Silvana Castenada

It was a Sunday evening and I was wondering around in Wan Chai, looking for a coffee until I ran into SPCA. I had nothing to do so I went in and browsed, looking at the adorable puppies looking at me, wishing to be adopted but only one caught my attention. This is a special one said the lady, what's so special about it, I thought. It was really cute, playful and his name was Kirby. He looked perfect to me so I adopted him.

When we went home, he started running everywhere so I played along but I got exhausted, I had a nap and when I woke up, it smelled really good, like chicken and fries.

"Who's there?" I shouted.

Thinking someone was cooking me dinner, I slowly tiptoed to the kitchen, I couldn't believe my eyes and fainted.

When I recovered from my fall I opened my eyes and the emergency services were there. Who could have called them?, I thought. Perhaps the people downstairs heard me fall. I told them that I had just tripped. When they left, I ate the chicken Kirby had cooked for me and thought of calling SPCA, but they would never believe me so I just continued like it had never happened. 

The next day, I woke up and showered. When I came back to my room to dress, someone had made my bed. I was really surprised and looked for Kirby and when I found him, he was just sleeping.

I took Kirby out for a morning walk; he played with his friends whilst I was on my phone looking at reviews on the SPCA's online page. I gazed at Kirby and saw him buy an ice-cream so before I freaked out, I remembered that I forgot to drink my morning coffee.

The Llama with Boots

by Mariska Hadiwidjaja

Have you ever seen a llama with boots? Well, I have. It is certainly one of a kind.


One day when I was strolling along the street, I passed by my favorite candy store. Once I stepped inside, I greeted the shopkeeper, then picked out some candy. As I approached the cashier, a weary old man spoke to me, "Have you ever heard of the llama with boots? Legend has it that it brings happiness to the poor families."  My mind was loaded with thoughts.

The next day, once I arrived at school, I saw a huge crowd of students surrounding a flier. The flier said, "Special Program: once in a lifetime trip to visit those who are not fortunate." I immediately signed up.

The following week, my teacher, Miss Smith, went with my class to the poor areas in the city. I home-stayed with a poor family. Their house was incredibly small and tight. Their clothes were all torn and ragged. The worst thing is that there was no happiness in the family. All of them were pouting and frowning, so I set a goal: to cheer them up and make them all happy. I tried to talk to their daughter, Lexi. She sighed and said, "We don't really have much."


I stared at the tiny window. Suddenly, I spotted a figure. It was the llama with boots! My heart was filled with excitement for the family. A new day finally came. On the dining table there laid money! It had to be from the llama! Everyone in the house screamed with joy!


The next day, we had to leave the area. That as how I discovered the mysterious llama with boots.